I Just Want My Husband To Love Me Again

I just want my husband to love me againI just want my husband to love me again” is a common feeling amongst married women. I’ll go a step further and say that not only women feel this way, husbands also feel “I just want my wife to love me again.” Marriage like all relationships can be a rollercoster ride.  It has its ups and downs. Trying to handle marital problems can be an astonishingly challenging process. Some will experience many relationship counseling sessions in an effort to understand the issues that have actually triggered concerns in their marriage. While this may lead to resolving some of your issues, it will definitely not help you to bring the love back into your marriage. Even though you’ve mended your marital troubles you still may feel like “I just want my husband to love me again!” When there are rocky times in the marriage, and there always are ups and downs, it can cause both of you to feel like the love is lost

 How to get the magic back in your relationship?

 Set a Weekly Date

 If you want to get the magic back in your relationship you have to remind your husband or wife why you are together. The daily chores of marriage and kids can make life very routine and make you forget why you are together. You get so caught up in just getting through the day with all its activities and things to do that by the time its just the two of you all you want to do is curl up in bed and go sleep! Well once a week you have to break out of that routine and go and have a date. Just the two of you. Go and remember what it was like before the kids came along! Even if its just for a few hours. Now it doesn’t have to be a date at night, you can always play hookie from work and go on a day date! (No baby sitter to pay!)

 Just by being together and have some “we” time, you’ll remind each other why you are together, why you love each other’s company. Sharing a few laughs and having fun will remind you why you are in this relationship to begin with.

 Buy Him or Her Gifts

Everyone wants to feel special and getting a gift for no specific reason other than ” I love you” always warms the heart. Sometimes we fall out of love as we think that our partner doesn’t care about us anymore. We think that our partner no longer thinks about us. So remind your husband or wife that you do love him or her and buy a great gift just to say I care and am thinking of you always.

 Tell Your Husband or Wife Exactly how You Feel

Sometimes in a relationship, especially in marriage we assume that our partner knows how we feel, I mean hell I’m married to you no? Well that’s where we go wrong! No one is a mind reader and usually when our relationship is in a down slide we don’t communicate well. Therefore it’s vital to express yourself properly and have a chat with each other and tell each other how you feel in words. If you tell your husband or wife how much you love them and that you want to light the fires up again, tell him or her how much you care for them and how upset you are about where things are at present, the chances of warming his or heart are great. Communication is key.

Do Something New

 A fantastic method for spicing up life is to try something new. Let your husband choose what he wants to do that is new that you can take on as a project together. For Example, paint the house together, learn to ski dive etc

 Here are four ways to get you husband or wife to just love you again. If he or she is in a place where their love can be won back then these are four ways which can definitely help to achieve your goal. If you feel like I just want my husband  to love me again then you have to do everything in your power to win them back before its too late! Relationships take work just because you’re married with a ring on your finger doesn’t mean you don’t need to put in the effort.